Zoo and Aquarium in 12 Pictures

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Ueno Zoo - The joy of seeing zoo animals having enough space to actually play and, generally, do what animals do (except the hunting part I suppose). Panda bears napping. Polar bear diving and swimming. Sun bears lounging. Tarsiers with their enormous eyes. Overall a very nice day.

(J in the act of photo bombing Timon)

Shinagawa Aquarium -  Satisfying J’s fascination with fishes, we headed to Shinagawa, one of Tokyo’s aquarium (perhaps the most expensive as well). I got to show off some of the things I had seen scuba diving in Borneo, like the green turtle, the moray eel, the stone fish and the frog fish. Maybe now he will finally get his scuba diving certification! J really loved the otters, he thought they were so funny, as well as the dolphins and sea lions show. A real kid I tell you!

This was time well spent. My favorite part was definitely seeing his excitement, it made my day just as much as the actual attractions did. This would be a must for family vacations I would think and a nice way to kindle kid’s interest for the animal world.

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