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Japan was a special destination for me since I was going to meet J as well as an old pen pal, Y, there.
I landed in Tokyo two days before J was due to arrive. I wanted to get a feel for the city and its inner workings before welcoming him. I was met by Y, my pen pal when I was in high school, at the airport. While Y didn’t have much time to give us because of a large workload, she proved to be a very helpful guide to the city. She helped me find a cheaper hotel, which proved to be of good value and comfortable, and was always available to answer my questions on how to get places.
In the days I was waiting for J’s arrival, she introduced me to karaoke and arcades.
Finally, it was time to go pick-up J from the airport. I had to transfer hotel first, so my day started quite early. Once my luggage had been dropped, I made a pit stop to the grocery store to grab food for a picnic, because I was sure somebody would be starving. I figured we could be stopping in the Asakusa neighborhood to enjoy a picnic under the sakuras which were in full bloom. With provisions in hand, I headed on to the airport. At this point, I hadn’t seen anyone for a bit more than three months and, as you can expect, I was quite excited and slightly nervous.
The wait seemed to take an eternity, but he finally came out of the security control’s doors. We could officially start exploring Tokyo and its surroundings.

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