Things that brought me out of my comfort zone in SE Asia

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- The crouching toilets, I’m afraid to say it took me a while to get the hang of them
- The toilets with no toilet paper and soap
- The knowledge that some don’t use toilet paper, just their hands which they rinse off afterward without soap (ok, that one is closely related to the previous one)
- The fact that is considered rude to blow your nose, the long pinkie fingernails is for that afterall… Not just South East Asia, I have seen adult publicly pick at their nose in other first world parts of Asia as well
-  The overwhelming solicitation in the streets (from drivers, masseurs, sellers, etc.), some of the behaviors I encountered would be considered harassment back home (like being followed for three blocks…)
- The rather overwhelming presence of cockroaches
- The fact that, for major companies, it seems to be acceptable to be rude – I’m thinking notably of Cebu Airlines and the company managing the temples of Angkor
- The lack of safety measures for some transports, attractions and activities
- The chaos in the street, both with people and cars (naive me thought movies were exaggerated)
- The fact that some policemen will stand back and watch when they should be intervening or fine people for unknown offense without providing a receipt (this did not happen to me, but I met people to whom it happened)

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