The Decoy

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When I travel there are two practices I use on a regular basis. The first is to dress not to be seen: I wear comfortable and minimalist clothes, a simple looking watch and generally avoid jewelry made of gold and precious stones. The second is the use of decoys. This is something I picked up after finding myself stranded in London with no paper and no money… An experience I wouldn’t want to repeat. You will sometimes see me with a purse, which generally contains a mostly empty wallet (with the minimum cash value), a water bottle and a snack. Keys, cards, papers, etc., those are all in a traveler’s wallet. You might also see me wear a decoy ring.


Surprisingly, wearing a decoy ring seems to be a criticized practice – not that this would change anything for me. First, I wouldn’t want to bring my actual wedding ring on travels, just to be on the safe side and avoid having to tell my husband I managed to have it stolen. Second, as a solo female traveler who refuses to lock herself up at nightfall, the decoy ring has had its uses. It doesn’t work every time, but I will admit to being approached a little less when I wear one. That doesn’t stop insistent guys from approaching me or arguing that my husband couldn’t possibly let me travel alone and that, as such, I couldn’t have a husband. This being said, I do find that having a decoy ring makes those situations less frequent and makes them somewhat easier to get out of.


These are the main characteristics to keep in mind when shopping for a decoy ring :


– It must be plain enough to avoid drawing attention.

– It must be on the inexpensive side so that you won’t suffer from its loss.

– It must be able to pass for an actual wedding band (cheap in price doesn’t mean tacky).


Having to replace my previous ring, I have opted for this :




I think it will serve its purpose.

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