Looking Back – Australia and New Zealand

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Cases that made the news while I was here

  • The parole of Schepelle Corby, who was convicted of drug smuggling in Indonesia and for whom the first sentence would have lead her on death row.
  • The bush fires around Melbourne.
  • The public killing of Marius the giraffe by a Danish zoo. 

What I learned

  • The difference between a poisonous snake and a non-poisonous one. 
  • First aid for a snake bite or other venomous bites.
  • The fact that despite the amount of planning, unexpected things will happen.
  • You  have to take responsibility for your own mistakes and let others take responsibility for theirs.

Places I didn’t get to see (but will come back for)

  • Coral Reef, Australia
  • Cradle Mountain, Australia
  • Darwin, Australia
  • South Island, New Zealand

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