Last Board Meeting

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Slowly, but surely, I’m sorting through my life and tying up loose ends before leaving for Australia in January. It started to feel real when I bought my ticket last Saturday and it feels even more real now that I’ve officially turned a page of my life. After informing the other administrators during the previous meeting, tonight was my last Board meeting.

Collaborating with the CIPTO was truly an amazing experience. This non-profit organization strives to helps people struggling with drug addictions, homelessness and social exclusion among other things. It also helps people suffering from those issues to get access to the resources necessary for their recovery and social reinsertion.

I’ve been seating on this Board for about a year and a half now out of a two-year mandate. I learned a lot from it and it was a really productive experience. I have been blessed to see progress on different files and I’m a bit disappointed to not be around for some very interesting developments to come.

As an organization it does amazing social work and I count myself lucky to have had a chance to work with a team of such dedicated individuals. While I have tons of exciting things coming my way, I know I will miss my involvement in this great cause and I have no doubt I will want to look into contributing again upon my return.

For now though, my plate is quite full as I have many other things to take care of before leaving. Paperwork mostly at this point.

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