Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda

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Ok, here too, I have had problems with my camera (recurrent thing isn’t it) so, sadly, my next photo will be for Siem Reap only. Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda of Phnom Penh One of my pet peeve about any … Continued

Looking back – Borneo

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Now, I’m pretty excited to write about this part of my trip, because I doubt anything will ever come close to what I experienced here and even less what I experienced in Borneo as a whole. I had not planned … Continued

Scuba Diving in Mabul

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After the mountain climb and the jungle trek, it was time to scuba dive. So, I made my way to Semporna in the Tawau district, where I was to take a boat to Mabul Island. Now, I will admit that … Continued

The Jungles of Borneo

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One thing that made me quite sad were the jungles in Borneo. I had the chance, or misfortune, to see their state first hand. Let me tell you it’s not pretty. I learned after going to the jungle river cruise … Continued

Sightseeing in Sandakan

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Again, due to camera problems, no pictures in this post I know, I know. I’ll just try to put extra nice ones when I next can. Firefly Cruise This particular tour was organized by the owner of my hostel in … Continued

Sandakan Memorial Park

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Now don’t be too upset, but for some reason at this point my camera decided not too record any pictures I have taken. Yet, I’m sure you can bear with me despite the lack of pictures.Sandakan Memorial Park So after … Continued

Kinabalang Cruise

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I woke up my first morning in Sandakan with people at my hostel preparing to leave for the Kinabatangan Jungle Cruise. Like this, at the last minute, I was convinced to join them. This turned out to be quite a … Continued

Mt. Kinabalu

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I arrived in Kota Kinabalu one day before my planned climb to give me a good night’s rest and a chance to acclimate before taking on Mt. Kinabalu, a mountain set on the island of Sabah in Borneo which holds … Continued

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