Pleasure Houses of Singapore

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Now don’t let the title of my post mislead you, I am not suggesting that pleasure houses should be on your list of things to do while in Singapore!

It’s just that another thing I have seen in China Town (without realizing at first) was my first brothel. I walked past it and noticed the strange behavior of the men and women there. I spoke of it to my Singaporean host and was informed that I had most likely walked past a pleasure establishment. In Singapore, the land of rules and regulations, prostitution is legal.

Not that I’m opposed to it… Sex trade being one of the oldest profession in the world, I doubt it will ever really disappear, even if lawmakers would will it so. I would be interested in knowing if the legal status of the trade ensures more safety for the women. These women also have to carry a yellow card attesting to their regular health check, I’m guessing this would also have its advantage in terms public health and prevention of sexually transmissible disease. I think it would be interesting to compare statistics, although I suspect it could prove to be difficult given there would be a bunch of other factors to take into consideration.

My host advanced the idea that legalization of prostitution could be used as a tool to reduce the number of rapes by allowing single men to find an output for their urges. I’m not sure if I would go that far though…

You can read more on the subject here

Anyway, end of parenthesis, back to my traveling in my next post!

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