New Year’s Resolutions for 2016

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New Year’s resolutions, like most traditions I grew up with (be it Valentine’s Day or other holidays), have been on the receiving end of a lot of hate recently. Let’s face it, the success rate of the said resolutions can be rather low. I personally think a lot of this hate for New Year’s resolutions is a result of the way magazines have been hammering us with edicts on what our resolutions should be. As if weight loss, muscle gains or fortune making are the only possible goals a person can have.


The truth is that, well at least to me, resolutions are highly personal things. I love making New Year’s resolution because, for me, it entails sitting down with my journal and doing a retrospective of the past twelve months. What were my accomplishments and my blunders? What made me incredibly happy or proud and what made me sad or angry. I normally try to write them down somewhere and look back on them and evaluate my progress once in a while.


Last year, I picked up my fiddle lessons again and spent more time in the kitchen. I have made great progress on house projects and I am almost done transforming the garage into a home gym. I have rearranged the living room and our home feels more like an actually inhabited house. I got married and went on a honeymoon in Scotland. I’ve built a huge cottage from the ground up with a bunch of friends. I got a better handle on my finances. I have upped my photography game.


However, I’m still a sucker at saying no. My working out as been spotty and I have barely attended the dojo since September. I have been reading a lot, but very little of it was substantial. It was mostly “Fast Food” reads that have very little nutrition for the mind. Professionally, it feels like I’m stagnating, yet I have really very little drive for changing it.


And, most of all, I’ve had great bouts of restlessness and I’ve been craving adventure.


I normally like to set three resolutions, so what should they be this year?


I feel one should address the general dissatisfaction and lack of adventure, which I have a feeling are closely linked. The other one should aim at alleviating the feeling of professional stagnation. I feel the third resolution should further some things achieved in the past year.


So here it goes! In the new year I plan to:


1- Reserve time for myself to go on mini adventures. Set days in the month to simply get away – there are plenty of areas to explore around here. The destination doesn’t need to be set in advance, simply reserved moments where my whole day or weekend revolves around doing something I’m excited about.


2- Pursue learning. Whether it be taking language classes, setting aside a time for self-learning or attending a toastmaster club. It should aim at making my brain work outside of the tasks it’s used to doing.


3- Further establish a routine. With times allocated to my fiddle practice, my workouts and my hobbies (my tabletop game nights and the ceramic classes I have signed up for – and of which I am really excited, since I liked it so much during my workshop in Barcelona).



Here’s to hoping this past year was great for you and the next one will be even better.

Happy Holidays!

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