Looking Back – Philippines

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The Philippines turned out to be quite difficult for me, despite all the help I got from distant relatives.

 I’m a person with a relatively big personal bubble and I really hate being touched. The constant crowds, the calling of taxis and other service providers in the street, the pushing, the grabbing… It all slowly eroded my nerves.

After a few encounters with crooks, some I saw coming, some I didn’t, I became much more paranoid. Despite my general disposition, in my last few days in the Philippines I started thinking everyone was out to rob me, even the inoffensive laundry lady.

At that point, I became uncomfortable with my own behavior and thoughts. I knew it was time for me to leave the Philippines. I had two options, go home or move on to my next destination and hope it would be better. I chose the second option, knowing I could go home then if my feelings didn’t improve.

I think, for now anyway, I am left with bittersweet taste. I am sure this will fade in time to be replaced by the memories of all the wonderful things I have seen and experienced. Because, as you have read in my previous posts, there was a lot of positive and wonderful things that happened to me here. I have seen and done incredible things. I just need the dust to settle for now.

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