Looking back – Borneo

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Now, I’m pretty excited to write about this part of my trip, because I doubt anything will ever come close to what I experienced here and even less what I experienced in Borneo as a whole.

I had not planned to come to Borneo, I had not planned to climb a mountain, to trek in the jungle and certainly not to scuba dive. On top of it all, once I had bought my ticket, I learned that a travel advisory had been emitted, which recommended to avoid travel in all the areas of Borneo I wanted to visit. I thought about it for as long as I could and finally decided to disregard the advisory, while exercising as much caution as I possibly could.

The only problem is that everything I wanted to do required money. Finally, I decided that in the worst case scenario I would go home early. Going home early would be better than traveling while never actually doing what I wanted to do.

I learned a lot about myself in the time I spent here. About what I liked. I gained confidence in areas I might have been lacking. I established with more certainty what I like to do when I travel and what type of travelers I get along with best.

It’s hard to describe, but this part of my travels was not only one of the best adventure I have been on, but it was quite an eye-opener and I learned a lot about myself here.

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