Looking Back – Bali

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Things I learned about myself

  • Trying to relax makes me anxious
  • I knew something had changed after I lost my brother, now I think it’s that I lost the little bit of faith I had.

Skills that came in handy

  • Altering clothes by hand (as a kid, my first alteration looked like a Frankenstein scar, than my great grandmother showed me the proper way to do it)
  • Hand washing clothes (It’s crazy how, after only one day, the clothes get sooo dirty. The water was brown with dust. I had never realized.)

Things of interest that happened while I was in the country

  • Eruption of a volcano in the neighboring island of Java (where I was supposed to go at first).
  • Preparations for elections in April.

Main issues I noticed

  • Organized begging rings
  • Commercialization of temples
  • Lack of garbage management
  • Chaotic and sometimes dangerous driving conditions

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