La Soirée, Sydney, Australia

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 (Sydney Opera House)

I like going to see shows in other countries, so how could I not stop by the Sydney Opera House for a performance? We chose something different this time, which would take me away from the ballet, orchestra and opera I generally opt for. Among many shows that sounded amazing, we went for a show called La Soirée (see their website here).

 (Photo credit : La Soirée Website)

The Opera House description was the following :

Expect the unexpected as the world’s greatest exponents of cabaret, new burlesque, circus sideshow and vaudeville take centre stage! Featuring original La Soirée cast member Miss Behave with her infamous sword swallowing act and British cabaret star Ursula Martinez armed with her mischievous disappearing hanky! For the first time in Sydney two of the world’s finest aerial artists Hugo & Katharine will send shivers down audience member’s spines with their gravity defying acrobatics and one of Sweden’s finest circus acts 

David & Fofo will amaze audiences with ping pong balls, juggling, and acrobatics. Coming out of retirement for one final swan song are circus royalty The Skating Willers and rounding off the incredible line up are La Soirée favourites Le Gateau Chocolate and Jess Love!

Personnaly, I loved it. I thought it was highly entertaining. There was a good balance of the funny and the enchanting. I loved the acrobatics acts and the cabaret singing (with outrageous lyrics such as “a cat has nine lives, but a pussy only has one”). I also found quite clever the dramatic reading of harlequin’s passages by a man in tuxedo 

 (Sydney as night)

This show might come to Montreal. If it does, don’t miss out. It’s definitely worth seeing!

(Sydney at night)

On an almost completely unrelated note, if like me you love dramatic reading of silly things, have a look at this video! Makes me crack up every time.

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