Food of Bali

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I have realized that I haven’t given nearly enough importance to food as I should have. Let me remedy this now. Please note that, sadly, none of the pictures on this page are mine, since I didn’t think to actually photography what I ate. Beginner mistake, I know.

I’m also including links to recipes, I have not tried personally these recipes. I have picked them based on their ingredients, if they were close to what I personalty had. Don’t hate me too much if you try them and they are not good, just let me know and I will research further.

A note of caution, this will be a rather long post, because I love to eat and try new foods! Well, I love food in general…

Food of Bali

Durian, Jackfruit, Longan, Salak, Rambutan and Mangosteen

(Photo Credit from left to right starting from the top: Durian – Bubblews, 
Longan – New Health Guide, Jackfruit – Tasty Palettes, Salak – Ma Revue Web, 
Rambutan – HLB Specialties, Mangosteen – Hotel Nights)

In Bali I discovered so many fruits I didn’t know existed, it was such a revelations. Rambutan and longan both reminded me of the litchi. While durian, with its well known bad smell, was more creamy and sweet. I liked it the first time and somehow, couldn’t eat again after that. I have tasted the jackfruit fresh, in ice cream and in jam. I had salak twice, but would have a really hard time to describe the taste. It has a scaly skin to which it owes the nickname of snake fruit. My favorite discovery was the mangosteen with its slightly acidic taste that reminded me of passion fruit.

All these fruits were discovered thanks to Arya, my host in Bali, and her family. Salak, I discovered when she introduced me to her colleagues.

Tipat Cantok

(Photo Credit: Missnyingnying’s Blog)

This meal is made of rice cakes mix with vegetables and Balinese style peanut sauce and was eaten with indonesian rice crackers. I tasted this in Arya’s hometown. I remember it being quite spicy. You can read up on how to make it here.

Nasi Goreng

(Photo Credit: Three Hungry Tummies)

I had it first when I stayed at Eco Serenity. I had it again many times after that. Nasi goreng is a Balinese fried rice and quickly became a favorite of mine I swore to reproduce at home. You can find a recipe for it here. There are many variation, but this one reminded me of what I had for breakfast almost everyday at Eco Serenity.

Tempe Goreng

(Photo Credit: Another Runaway Projects)

Tempe goreng are patties that you can dip in spicy sauce. I will probably try to make it back at home to bring to potlucks or something. Perfect as a snack, it was crunchy and surprisingly tasty! You can find a recipe here.

Ayam Goreng

(Photo Credit: Cat’s Living)

Ayam goreng was chicken wrapped pandang leaves. It was so moist and tender! I really loved it. Again, this would be perfect to bring to a party! You can find the recipe here.

Balinese Banana Pancakes

(Photo Credit: Nutmegs, seven)

Another one of my breakfast favorite, Balinese banana pancakes were sweet and light. It felt like I was eating dessert for breakfast. It felt sinful, but I’m sure it wasn’t. They were more like crepes than pancake though! You can find a recipe for them here.

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