Word of the Day – Tuk-tuk

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Carriages attached to motocycles which are used as taxi. A few very relevant advices on tuk-tuks (I can testify to everything said in this article): http://goasia.about.com/od/GettingAround/a/Tuk-Tuks.htm Points of interest, taken from the above article : Tuk-tuks are open-air, so be … Continued

Word of the Day – Pidan

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Cambodian silk tapestry often depicting narrative scenes often related to Buddhism. A pidan is never worn as clothing. Strands are dyed before weaving. For this reason, the weavers (traditionally women) must be accurate or the picture will be unclear.

Word of the Day – Batik

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Indonesian craft that dyes cloth using a traditional technique in which patterns are covered in wax before dying, which allows them to resist the dyeing. This process is then repeated until the complete pattern is achieved. Once the dyeing process … Continued