Jagalchi, Busan

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After spending much time in Seoul, I made my way to Busan, a city to the South East of South Korea known for its many beaches. There, I stayed with an American couple who highly recommended the Jagalchi area. Exiting … Continued

Word of the Day – Baesanimsu

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Baesanimsu : To have your back to a mountain while facing water. This concept is taken from Feng Shui and applies to house placement. A very good example of this is in Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul.

The Joys of Winter – Part 1

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  I am writing from the depth of the Canadian cold, where the days are short and harsh. My fingers are still stiff from the biting subzero temperatures that have now become, once again, part of my reality. I remember how I … Continued

New Layout

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After a very full year, of which I still have much to go over, I finally made my way back to Canada. I have been home for a little while now and I’m now facing a whole different set of … Continued

Holiday Hiatus and Best Wishes

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Holidays are fast approaching and I have decided to take a writing break in light of the festivities and the running around that comes with them. I will be back in January with more tales of Korea and the countries … Continued

The Two Koreas: Overview

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One of the first question that might come to mind when discussing Korea might be why there are two Koreas. Obviously, while being divided into North and South today, it is easy to guess that like most countries, the borders … Continued

Korean Food

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I have a love affair with world cuisine in general. I drool over delicate European pastries. I sigh in delight at the sight of earthy stews from Eastern Europe. I am fork ready for an Australian BBQ. African, South American, … Continued

Lotus Lantern Festival

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Being in Seoul in May, meant that I was in time for many of the Korean festivals. However, as I explained in a previous post about the sinking of the Sewol, the ambiance in Korea – and particularly in Seoul … Continued

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