New Year’s Resolutions for 2016

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New Year’s resolutions, like most traditions I grew up with (be it Valentine’s Day or other holidays), have been on the receiving end of a lot of hate recently. Let’s face it, the success rate of the said resolutions can … Continued

Looking back – Borneo

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Now, I’m pretty excited to write about this part of my trip, because I doubt anything will ever come close to what I experienced here and even less what I experienced in Borneo as a whole. I had not planned … Continued

Looking Back – Philippines

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The Philippines turned out to be quite difficult for me, despite all the help I got from distant relatives.  I’m a person with a relatively big personal bubble and I really hate being touched. The constant crowds, the calling of … Continued

Looking Back – Bali

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Things I learned about myself Trying to relax makes me anxious I knew something had changed after I lost my brother, now I think it’s that I lost the little bit of faith I had. Skills that came in handy … Continued

Begging Rings of Bali

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I was struck, mainly in Ubud, by the amount of women begging on the streets. Women that often had children with them, which I had every reasons to believe were theirs. However, no matter how sorry I felt for them, … Continued


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Our last stop in this short New Zealand getaway was in Zealandia, Wellington, a bird sanctuary. We also went to the renowned Te Papa Museum, the National Museum of New Zealand, which happens to be free. It holds an interesting … Continued

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