5 Random Japanese Things

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When I was in Japan, I found many things strange and other things quite surprisingly in their normality. I did find strange how little English was used there and how hard it was to find someone who spoke it. However, … Continued

Zoo and Aquarium in 12 Pictures

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Ueno Zoo – The joy of seeing zoo animals having enough space to actually play and, generally, do what animals do (except the hunting part I suppose). Panda bears napping. Polar bear diving and swimming. Sun bears lounging. Tarsiers with … Continued

The Parks and Gardens of Tokyo

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Tokyo is often pictured as this high tech city with towering buildings and fast paced life supported by robots and other technologies. In light of this vision it would be easy to forget the many parks and gardens that seem … Continued

All About Samurai Swords

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If there is one thing Japan is known for where I come from, apart from sushi, it is the swords.  Beautiful and deadly masterpieces, the samurai swords are real treasures. In Tokyo, there is this small museum dedicated to them. … Continued

Shibuya Shopping District

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Shibuya was one of the first places I headed to upon landing in Tokyo. I was most curious about this legendary intersection used in the of the Resident Evil franchise for the Afterlife and Retribution installments where a massive wave … Continued

Visit from home

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Japan was a special destination for me since I was going to meet J as well as an old pen pal, Y, there. I landed in Tokyo two days before J was due to arrive. I wanted to get a … Continued