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I hadn’t really planned my visit well enough it seems. I came to Cambodia at the beginning of April and I learned that this is one of the hottest time here. I have trouble staying hydrated in the best of … Continued


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When I went for my vaccinations before leaving for this trip, I was given doxycycline as a malaria preventive medication as there was a possibility I would be going to rural areas in risk zones. A few facts: Malaria is … Continued

How to treat a snake bite

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After my harmless encounter with a venomous snake and my visit to the Reptile Center of Alice Springs, I’ve decided to share with you the first aid that comes with treating a snake bite. First, let’s start with the things … Continued


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Despite believing that vaccines are generally beneficial, I too sometimes have my doubts. Not so much conspiracy theories or whether you can contract the actual disease from the vaccination. Yet, I am sometime weary of unknown side effects of new … Continued