University of Denpasar, Bali

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I spent my last day of my stay in Bali at the University of Denpasar. The next day I was flying out to Singapore. I like hanging out in universities as you can tell a lot about a country by … Continued

Willow Creek Winery

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When coming to Australia, I had really wanted to see some wineries. It seems the main wine region was around Adelaide and we were not heading this way. Thankfully there were some wineries around the Mornington Peninsula. However, the day … Continued


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Sydney Harbor was filled with very talented street performers and we stopped to watch acts from a few of them. One group that especially caught our attention was Animistix – they did trance music coupled with traditional instruments. We ended … Continued

La Soirée, Sydney, Australia

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 (Sydney Opera House)   I like going to see shows in other countries, so how could I not stop by the Sydney Opera House for a performance? We chose something different this time, which would take me away from the … Continued


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While in Rotorua, New Zealand, we signed up for a Maori experience. It reproduced several elements of the Maori culture, including the welcoming ritual of members of another tribe, and displayed some of the skills, such as fighting and weaving. … Continued