Looking Back – Cambodia

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If there are one thing you shouldn’t expect in Cambodia is the staff of major attractions to actually be nice. That hasn’t been my experience. You know the Western saying of the customer being always right, forget that. It doesn’t … Continued

The way back to the airport

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As my visit in Cambodia was nearing its end, I had to make my way to Japan. At first I wanted to leave directly from Siem Reap, but it became evident that the best way to proceed would be to … Continued

Nightlife in Siem Reap

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If Siem Reap is a favorite because of its amazing temples, a close second must be the night life on Pub Street and in the night market area. The city really comes alive at night. The contrast is so different … Continued

The Artisans of Angkor

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I found the Artisans of Angkor almost by mistake. As I was walking from my hostel to the laundry lady on a side street, I saw signs for it and decided to pay them a visit. They are so much … Continued

Word of the Day – Tuk-tuk

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Carriages attached to motocycles which are used as taxi. A few very relevant advices on tuk-tuks (I can testify to everything said in this article): http://goasia.about.com/od/GettingAround/a/Tuk-Tuks.htm Points of interest, taken from the above article : Tuk-tuks are open-air, so be … Continued

Temples of Angkor

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Like most, the temples were my main reason to come to Siem Reap. I decided to rent a bike to explore freely the ruins, up to this day I’m still not sure if it was a good or bad decision. … Continued

Bus from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap

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I did this itinerary twice. The first time, everything went very well. The road sure was bumpy, but otherwise it was pleasant enough. Everyone in the bus were super friendly and made sure I knew when to get off for … Continued

Word of the Day – Pidan

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Cambodian silk tapestry often depicting narrative scenes often related to Buddhism. A pidan is never worn as clothing. Strands are dyed before weaving. For this reason, the weavers (traditionally women) must be accurate or the picture will be unclear.

Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda

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Ok, here too, I have had problems with my camera (recurrent thing isn’t it) so, sadly, my next photo will be for Siem Reap only. Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda of Phnom Penh One of my pet peeve about any … Continued