The Artisans of Angkor

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I found the Artisans of Angkor almost by mistake. As I was walking from my hostel to the laundry lady on a side street, I saw signs for it and decided to pay them a visit. They are so much … Continued

Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda

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Ok, here too, I have had problems with my camera (recurrent thing isn’t it) so, sadly, my next photo will be for Siem Reap only. Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda of Phnom Penh One of my pet peeve about any … Continued

Modern Art at Ritz-Carlton

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One attraction not enough people seem to know about is the Modern Art Collection of the Ritz-Carlton in Singapore. You can just present yourself at the concierge desk where they will hand you an iPod with a special podcast that … Continued