Last Day at Work

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December 23rd. My last day of work. Christmas’ Eve is tomorrow, next Tuesday is New Year’s Eve and then 15 days afterward, I will board my plane. Another 30 hours, give or take, will have me landing in Melbourne, Australia. … Continued


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Despite believing that vaccines are generally beneficial, I too sometimes have my doubts. Not so much conspiracy theories or whether you can contract the actual disease from the vaccination. Yet, I am sometime weary of unknown side effects of new … Continued

Last Board Meeting

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Slowly, but surely, I’m sorting through my life and tying up loose ends before leaving for Australia in January. It started to feel real when I bought my ticket last Saturday and it feels even more real now that I’ve … Continued

Creating a Will

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If there is a topic that created almost has much waves as the announcement of the trip around the world, it’s no doubt the creation of a will in light of the said travel plans. This might seem like a … Continued


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At the end of September, I went to Ireland for two weeks. I would have taken more time, if not for obligations back home. Like most people I know, traveling for long periods of time is a luxury I do … Continued

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