Jagalchi, Busan

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After spending much time in Seoul, I made my way to Busan, a city to the South East of South Korea known for its many beaches. There, I stayed with an American couple who highly recommended the Jagalchi area. Exiting … Continued

Word of the Day – Baesanimsu

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Baesanimsu : To have your back to a mountain while facing water. This concept is taken from Feng Shui and applies to house placement. A very good example of this is in Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul.

New Year’s Resolutions for 2016

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New Year’s resolutions, like most traditions I grew up with (be it Valentine’s Day or other holidays), have been on the receiving end of a lot of hate recently. Let’s face it, the success rate of the said resolutions can … Continued

Walking in (the Kingdom of) Fife

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Fife, was our first stop in Scotland. Having flown out of Ottawa at around dinner time and landed in Edinburgh around 8 am (after a 6 hours flight), we had to stay awake for another day without the benefit of … Continued

The Decoy

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When I travel there are two practices I use on a regular basis. The first is to dress not to be seen: I wear comfortable and minimalist clothes, a simple looking watch and generally avoid jewelry made of gold and … Continued


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It was dawn in early May and, lo and behold, I was the first one up at the apartment. A rare occurrence I generally reserved for the most exciting of activities. In order to spare my driver a bothersome hunt … Continued

The Joys of Winter – Part 1

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  I am writing from the depth of the Canadian cold, where the days are short and harsh. My fingers are still stiff from the biting subzero temperatures that have now become, once again, part of my reality. I remember how I … Continued

New Layout

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After a very full year, of which I still have much to go over, I finally made my way back to Canada. I have been home for a little while now and I’m now facing a whole different set of … Continued

Holiday Hiatus and Best Wishes

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Holidays are fast approaching and I have decided to take a writing break in light of the festivities and the running around that comes with them. I will be back in January with more tales of Korea and the countries … Continued

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