Baker’s Hill, the Penal Farm and Baywalk

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Baker’s Hill

We made a quick stop by Baker’s Hill and its beautiful grounds. It was a nice walk and I got to have some tasty foods from a stand. There are many tables and the place would be ideal if you have children as there are many statues geared toward children as well as a nice playground.

Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm

Iwahig, the prison without walls… Now that is a concept that really sparked my interest! This minimum and medium security prison is situated on 45,000-hectares of land nestled in between mountains and ocean. It has no walls and its boundaries are marked off by a fence. The inmates are allowed to police and govern themselves, and there families can live on the farm as well. Inmates can also opt to learn a trade while they do their time. This is a win-win situation, as while the inmate learns a trade, the government has the opportunity to recoup the money for the prisoner’s upkeep. Once the government has deducted the monies owed to it, the remaining money goes back to the inmate and their family.

I will admit that from my point of view, it was strange to drive through this farm, with the inmates walking freely about. Yet, if the system does work? It sure gave me a lot to think about and I wouldn’t mind seeing the Canadian government piloting such a project rather than enforcing harsher policies.

While we drove through, every single inmate we drove past saluted us. I was taken aback by this interaction. It was refreshing though, reminds you first hand that the inmate are humans. I asked my uncle about escape attempt. He says it doesn’t really happen here, since life is pretty good for the inmates and they get to have their families with them while they serve their time.


(Tasting new foods together)

The Baywalk is a nice place to have a stroll or to bike. They have also been relocating the night market there, so it’s especially lively at night. We went there, the four of us, for a night stroll. I ended up tasting some pretty sweet street food, including urchin and a delicious kind of fresh seaweed (salty beads lining a stem, not sure how it’s called).

(Tasting sea urchins)

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