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Diana Photoshoot (6)

Canadian professional full-time, globe-trotter and adventurer when I can.

Born in a military family, let’s just say distances quickly became relative. This might partly explain my fascination with the road.

As a kid, I wanted to be in turn a doctor without border, an archaeologist, a secret agent and an astronaut. This being said, despite my young age, I think my main interest revolved around science, mainly because I was curious of everything and wanted to understand how the world ticked. This led to many very “scientific” experiments – some planned, some improvised – which, in retrospect, must have driven my dear mother crazy.

That curiosity is still there, although my interests have diversified greatly and now count not only science, but linguistics, international relations and geopolitics. I guess I should also mention the interests that unequivocally express themselves in the way I travel, such as environment conservation, culture and the great outdoors.

I’m always up for some scuba diving, mountain climbing, long distance cycling and really any hands-on activity, be it baguette making or ceramic making.

Now, with a bit more understanding of how the world works, I think my dream job would be investigative reporting or conflict management.

If you have any questions, you can always pass it along and I can see if I got the answer. If you feel like commenting, go ahead! I love comments.

In the meantime, welcome to my travel diaries and happy reading. I hope you find some inspiration here.


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