The Two Koreas: Overview

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One of the first question that might come to mind when discussing Korea might be why there are two Koreas. Obviously, while being divided into North and South today, it is easy to guess that like most countries, the borders … Continued

Korean Food

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I have a love affair with world cuisine in general. I drool over delicate European pastries. I sigh in delight at the sight of earthy stews from Eastern Europe. I am fork ready for an Australian BBQ. African, South American, … Continued

Lotus Lantern Festival

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Being in Seoul in May, meant that I was in time for many of the Korean festivals. However, as I explained in a previous post about the sinking of the Sewol, the ambiance in Korea – and particularly in Seoul … Continued

Seoul: A city of art

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There are a few things that stroke me about Korea, one of them was the artistic presence. Art seemed to be everywhere in some very minute detailing. I did wonder at one point if Seoul, as a city, was simply … Continued

The Palaces of Seoul: Changdeokgung

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Changdeokgung is located in the Jongno District which was, in itself, a pleasant walk with its nice cozy bookstores and tiny green nurseries. Jongno is one of the oldest cities of central Seoul and is now an important financial and … Continued

The Ferry Tragedy

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I arrived in South Korea at a strange and sad time. Most scheduled festivals were cancelled in light of the National Mourning that had just been decreed for the lives lost on the Sewol, a ferry linking Incheon and Jeju, … Continued