Oh deers…

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Feeding the deers at Nara Park has become a traveler’s favorite, with crackers easily purchased on the side of the street. Funny note, if you bow to a deer, the deer will most likely bow back to you. Well, they … Continued

Gion, Kyoto’s Geisha District

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The Gion district of Kyoto, a.k.a. the geisha district, is where you have the most chances to see a real geisha – a disappearing cultural phenomenon in Japan. Even if your chances of seeing one in the flesh here are … Continued

Word of the Day – Ryokan

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Traditional Japanese accomodations with tatami, futon on the floor, sliding doors, porch, garden and tea setting. Depending on the installations, bathroom can be communal or not.

Asakusa District

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Asakusa is mostly known for its temples. This district hosts Sensoji, also known as Asakusa Kannon, the biggest Buddhist temple of the city. There you will be able to see the well known Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate) as well as representations … Continued

Slices of Home in Japan

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J saw the golden M of the McDonald’s and had a question that would leave no rest to his curiosity. That was, how exactly are McDonald’s different in Japan than in Canada? Surprising coming from him, considering we rarely go … Continued

Game Over…

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Game Over… I’m coming home! This being said, there are a lot more posts coming as my adventures took me much further than Japan… I just couldn’t write fast enough for all the posts to come out before my return!

Night at the Opera

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J and I had planned to have a nice evening out during his visit to celebrate our 4 years anniversary. We ended up getting tickets for Carmina Burana at the New National Theater of Tokyo. The main dancer was especially … Continued


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As we were fans of traditional arcades, my friend Y took J and me to an arcade located in Odaiba, a district of Tokyo. Odaiba is an artificial island in Tokyo Bay that was first used for defence purposes. It … Continued

5 Random Japanese Things

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When I was in Japan, I found many things strange and other things quite surprisingly in their normality. I did find strange how little English was used there and how hard it was to find someone who spoke it. However, … Continued