Pleasure Houses of Singapore

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Now don’t let the title of my post mislead you, I am not suggesting that pleasure houses should be on your list of things to do while in Singapore! It’s just that another thing I have seen in China Town … Continued

Gardens by the Bay (Part I)

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The Gardens by the Bay, the Sky Dome and the Flower Dome are really well known Singaporean attractions for a good reason, they are absolutely gorgeous. You can stroll around for hours. To make the best of it, I would … Continued

First contact with Singapore

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I left Bali for Singapore, where I was going to spend few days before heading on to the Philippines. Upon landing, first thing I needed was a metro card. I asked the lady at the counter what the best option … Continued

Looking Back – Bali

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Things I learned about myself Trying to relax makes me anxious I knew something had changed after I lost my brother, now I think it’s that I lost the little bit of faith I had. Skills that came in handy … Continued

Food of Bali

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I have realized that I haven’t given nearly enough importance to food as I should have. Let me remedy this now. Please note that, sadly, none of the pictures on this page are mine, since I didn’t think to actually … Continued

Begging Rings of Bali

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I was struck, mainly in Ubud, by the amount of women begging on the streets. Women that often had children with them, which I had every reasons to believe were theirs. However, no matter how sorry I felt for them, … Continued

University of Denpasar, Bali

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I spent my last day of my stay in Bali at the University of Denpasar. The next day I was flying out to Singapore. I like hanging out in universities as you can tell a lot about a country by … Continued

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