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Canggu (pronounced Changou) was my first stop in Bali. I chose this particular location, because I had heard that one wanted to avoid Kuta. It seems Kuta is to the Australian, what Varadero is to Canadians. Supposedly, they go there … Continued

Trick of the Trade – Museums

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Whether you are couchsurfing and can’t meet your host hours after landing or, for some reasons, you just can’t check-in your hotel right away, carrying your heavy luggage can prove to be quite a nightmare. This happened to me quite … Continued

Willow Creek Winery

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When coming to Australia, I had really wanted to see some wineries. It seems the main wine region was around Adelaide and we were not heading this way. Thankfully there were some wineries around the Mornington Peninsula. However, the day … Continued

Mornington Peninsula

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After the heat of Alice Springs, we were eager to head to the coast. Sadly, the day we arrived in Melbourne, the temperature was hotter there than in Alice Springs itself. Thankfully, the temperature did drop. From Melbourne, we made … Continued

How to treat a snake bite

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After my harmless encounter with a venomous snake and my visit to the Reptile Center of Alice Springs, I’ve decided to share with you the first aid that comes with treating a snake bite. First, let’s start with the things … Continued

Desert Hymn

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Happy, the song from Pharrell Williams, was the hymn of our adventure in the Australian desert. We played it every chance we got and when it was time to part at the end of the adventure, me and the girls … Continued

My Encounter with a brown snake

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In my part of Canada, spiders and snakes are not something to be worried about. The worst we get is a rare black widow that could get transported with imported grapes. You can find some kind of rattlesnake in the … Continued

Alice Springs, Australia

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My visit to Alice Springs could be described in three words : excruciating, enchanting and awestriking. It was excruciating because of the heat. As soon as we step foot in Alice Springs, the weight of the heat dropped on our … Continued


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Sydney Harbor was filled with very talented street performers and we stopped to watch acts from a few of them. One group that especially caught our attention was Animistix – they did trance music coupled with traditional instruments. We ended … Continued

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