Five Things I Will Not Miss

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Not long ago I wrote about things I could foresee myself missing. Thinking some more on this, there are things I think that on the contrary I will not miss. Fixed Schedule – The change of pace will do me … Continued


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Our first stop on Australian land was Hobart, in Tasmania. Our timing was quite good it seems, as the city came alive this weekend for the MOFO festival of the Museum of Old and new Art (known as MONA). My … Continued

Travel Must – Diva Cup

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First off, as a warning, the target audience for this article is women, as men will have little use for it and will probably grow uncomfortable as they read on. I’m all for making information available to all, but let’s … Continued

Air Canada’s Red Tape Nightmare

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On Wednesday, 3 pm Ottawa time, our plane was taking off toward Toronto, for our connection to Sydney, Australia. The flight to Sydney connected in Vancouver, before taking off again. Our last consecutive destination was Melbourne, where we would stop … Continued

Travel Insurance

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In this day of age, I can’t really understand why anybody would go about traveling without contracting proper travel insurance. I remember this travel horror story of a poor girl who had an accident the day before heading home. She … Continued

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